America’s Cup submission – Yachting New Zealand


America’s Cup submission – Yachting New Zealand

Yachting New Zealand support the Wynyard Hobson Application for the America’s Cup infrastructure and event. We also support and agree with the following:

  • The construction works for operations as well as the plan to host events under the unitary plan
  • The positioning of the bases
  • The creation of a long-term base for Emirates Team New Zealand to operate from
  • The land use consents and fast-tracking of regional permits associated with these structures
  • The process of bringing this to fruition
  • Yachting New Zealand recognise this is a non-complying activity and agree that referring it directly to the Environment Court for consideration is the right approach

  • Resolving these issues needs to be fast-tracked in the most cost-effective and time-effective way possible

Yachting New Zealand believe this is a great opportunity to have a facility to promote yachting and boating in the Auckland Viaduct. We hope that, given the time taken to get to this point, a thorough process has already been undertaken and that the outcome serves in the best interest of the New Zealand public.

There is also the opportunity for the infrastructure to become a legacy for the city, enabling more events to be run, not just sailing. We have several major championships coming to New Zealand in the next five years and having that type of infrastructure in the city is a major drawcard and will help us attract more events in the future.

You can review the plans and make a submission here.

10 May 2018
11 May 2018