Busy calendar lined up for Evans Bay centenary


The Evans Bay Yacht and Motor Boat Club will celebrate their cetennial next summer with a raft of top regattas, including three national championships.

The 100th sailing season for the club will commence in October 2018, kicking off with the Classics Regatta on October 20-22 and going through to the Centenary Regatta on March 23-24. In between, there will also be the Elliott 5.9 national championships (Nov 1-4), Tanner and Tauranga Cups (Jan 2-8, 2019) and Paper Tiger nationals and international selection trials (Jan 8-12). 

The Tanner Cup, in particular, will hold special significance. It was named after George Tanner (the Evans Bay commodore from 1937-1940), who donated the trophy, and was first sailed for in 1945 when it was won by Bill Hayman who was an Evans Bay member representing Wellington.

This background was one of the reasons why Evans Bay asked to host the P-Class nationals in 2019 but it's only one entry in what has been a colourful history for the club over the last 100 years.

The clubhouse was once used as the customs and immigration point for the TEAL Sunderland flying boats for five years and the slipway, which is now used to service many of the local Wellington keelboat and motor launch fleet, was used extensively by American forces to facilitate the maintenance of small defence launches during World War II. 

Much of the club's history is reflected in the various cups and trophies competed for each year.

The Limbies Cup is one of the more colourful and came into existence soon after World War I. The club used to help take war veterans who had lost limbs out on a 'limbies' picnic to Mahanga Bay and prompted grateful veterans to present the club with the Limbies Cup.

In 1925 the United States Pacific Fleet came on a goodwill visit and enjoyed the club dances so much they presented an America Cup (not the be confused with the America’s Cup - although competition is said to be just as fierce). There is also the Royal Visit Cup dating back to 1954.

For further information about the Evans Bay Yacht and Motor Boat Club centenary celebrations, or if you are a past member and have information about the club, please contact centenary@ebymbc.org.nz.

Centenary celebration calendar


October 20-22: Classics Regatta
October 21: Old Salts Day
October 22: 100th Opening Day
November 1-4: Elliott 5.9 national championships

January 2-8: Tanner & Tauranga Cups
January 8-12: Paper Tiger nationals and international selection trials
March 15-17: Wellington O’pen Cup (BIC regatta)
March 23-24: Centenary Regatta

16 Apr 2018
16 Apr 2018