Coastguard Boating Education add new programme to marine medic course


Coastguard Boating Education have revised, updated and introduced new offerings into their suite of marine medic courses.

Students practicing skills on a recent marine medic course in Picton.

In addition to the existing two-day coastal medic qualification, they have introduced a one-day refresher for current certificate holders. This allows people to remain current without having to redo the entire course.

The coastal medic course includes unit standards 6400, 6401 & 6402 so it meets the requirements of a workplace first aid certificate and is also recognised by Maritime New Zealand for holders of the skipper restricted limits ticket.

The most significant step is the redevelopment of the offshore medic qualification that is recognised by Yachting New Zealand for category 1 sailors heading offshore.

“We recognised that we were over-teaching during our two-day course and have aligned the material to match the Yachting New Zealand cat 1 requirements and tailored our teaching to focus more on what can be achieved with the contents of the cat 1 medical kit,” Coastguard general manager Mike Brown said. “Our focus remains on quality, hence we still require the coastal certificate (or equivalent) as a prerequisite, but we believe we can condense the course into one day. This brings the price down and makes this valuable learning more accessible.” 

CBE marine medic courses are developed in conjunction with Medaire and tutored by highly-skilled medical personnel who all have real-world experience as rescue medics and often have extensive sailing experience. They know help is not always at hand and provide course participants with high quality learning based on the reality of dealing with medical situations at sea.

“As a global company, with a strong local presence, Medaire is delighted to partner with CBE to deliver marine medic courses” said Karinne Gillies from Medaire. “Both organisations are NZQA category one private training establishments which means that customers can be confident that they are getting quality assured courses."

Brown added: “It’s not often that course prices are reduced, so we’re delighted that we can now offer the offshore medic course for $275. If you’re planning a coastal cruise or a trip offshore in the near future, now’s the time to book a course.”

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11 Dec 2017
12 Dec 2017