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Yachting New Zealand are pleased to introduce our new energy partnership with the Switch Utilities CLUBPOWER programme.

As we continue to look for new ways to support yacht clubs and their members, Switch CLUBPOWER is a great opportunity not only to fundraise, but also bring a direct benefit to members through energy savings.

Switch Utilities have been engaging sports organisations with their CLUBPOWER programme for the past four years, and have generated thousands of dollars in rebates for sports clubs involved in the programme.

There is more information about how this can benefit your club on the flyer attached.

Please contact Kaitlyn Agnew on 021 0288 5350 to assist. A CLUBPOWER representative will also be in touch over the next few weeks to see if they can help you.

Save on your energy and catch a great deal today

As a CLUBPOWER programme partner, Yachting New Zealand are promoting the programme as a real benefit to members while at the same time generating ongoing benefits to our clubs. Through our new association with Switch CLUBPOWER, Yachting New Zealand are now part of a preferred energy buying group.

How does it work?

  • Your members join CLUBPOWER for a great deal on electricity and gas – business or home.
  • CLUBPOWER takes care of everything. No-one to notify.
  • Your members get a great price and save money. The club increases income through rebates.

Who are Switch Utilities?

Switch Utilities Limited have been developing the CLUBPOWER programme for the past three years.

They created CLUBPOWER to help improve sports funding, to support families and communities.

They are a New Zealand company that predominantly supplies energy to larger buildings and businesses. They are now moving into mass market utilities retailing.

Their extensive client base includes office buildings, high rise apartment developments, retail shopping destinations and chain groups, hotels, sports stadiums, schools and other types of buildings.

The company has been recognised as one of the Top 50 fastest growing New Zealand companies for the past three years running (Deloitte Fast 50).

What can CLUBPOWER do to help support your organisation?

CLUBPOWER is a great fit as a fundraising partner.

Supplying an essential service (electricity and gas) used by every household, business and community facility in the country.

The CLUBPOWER programme donates a portion of the utilities spend of an individual, building or business back to your yacht club.

Members who already supports their yacht club through their membership can generate additional income for their club without reaching deeper into their pockets.

Who does all the work?

CLUBPOWER. The key to a successful CLUBPOWER programme is helping them to communicate the offering to your members. This is your main contribution.

CLUBPOWER manage the full sales process and all customer sign-ups – effectively it is business as usual for Switch Utilities.

How does Switch CLUBPOWER work for the member?

Switch CLUBPOWER works seamlessly in the background. Their customer service team will review current utilities accounts and aim to make a better offer to the amount a customer is paying for the same service today. The price will be competitive because it is market driven.

Best of all, the entire process is entirely seamless. Electricity and gas are delivered continuously – no interruption to supply.

The member gives authority to change their utilities bill to Switch CLUBPOWER

Switch CLUBPOWER manages the member’s transfer from their old retailer and sends them a monthly utilities bill.

The member pays their utilities bill to Switch CLUBPOWER.

Switch CLUBPOWER gives your club a rebate paid monthly.

Customer rebates are paid at the end of every month. Customer details are kept confidential, but summary reporting can be made available to help measure the success and contribution of the programme.

What price will members pay and how will I know it will remain competitive?

Switch Utilities competes daily with all the larger retailers which means their prices must be good.

For Switch CLUBPOWER to be successful, the energy price needs to be as low as they can make it. When you move to Switch, they will hold the energy price for a minimum of 12 months (except for any lines company delivery charges or government levies which are beyond their control).

How much in rebates can the club gain if your members support Switch CLUBPOWER

The level of income that can be generated is directly related to the support provided by your members, and this can be greatly enhanced by effectively communicating and promoting the Switch CLUBPOWER programme.

The rebate income generated is recurring for as long as members continue to use the services of Switch Utilities.

Income generated through Switch CLUBPOWER is sustainable and requires no input from administrators. 75% of the rebate goes to the club, 25% to Yachting New Zealand.

Current rebate levels are as follows

Low User (residential <8000kwh) customers $30.00 per annum

Standard (residential >8000kwh) customers $37.50 per annum

SME (commercial >16,000kwh) customers $75.00 per annum

Large Business (200,000kwh +) customers $375.00+ per annum (contribution depends on size)

A typical CLUBPOWER plan could generate the following rebates

  •  30 Residential members @ $37.50 rebate pa = $1125.00
  •  15 Member’s Businesses @ $75.00 rebate pa = $1125.00
  • 2 Larger (TOU) Member’s Businesses @ $375.00 pa = $ 750.00
  • Total p.a = $3000.00
13 Nov 2017
13 Nov 2017