Wellington debate safety regulations


Safety regulations were debated and discussed from a Wellington perspective when the Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club recently hosted Yachting New Zealand yacht inspector Angus Willison for an update on the 2017-2020 Safety Regulations of Sailing.

RPNYC opened their doors to the other keel boat clubs around Wellington and local yacht inspectors Kim McMorran, Robert Williamson and David Chalmers were also on hand to answer any questions, as was Yachting New Zealand regional support officer Wayne Holdt.

There haven’t been significant changes to the safety regulations, however, those changes became a discussion point around how they related to Wellington. Unlike Auckland and north, Wellington sailors have to be prepared to  cope with wide wind ranges and cold temperatures and, as a result, their approach to safety comes from a different perspective.

It was good to get different perspectives and learn what was happening in keel boat scene at different parts of the country.

27 Jun 2017
27 Jun 2017