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Kōkōkaha - Schools Programme

Yachting New Zealand Schools Programme

Kōkōkaha is an integrated unit of work that focuses on the science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) associated with harnessing the wind. Kōkōkaha's learning experiences are designed for students in years 5 through to 10 and are intended to provide them with the skills and knowledge to design their own technologies to harness the power of the wind. Kōkōkaha learning experiences can easily be adapted for older or younger children. Kōkōkaha is available to schools and kura throughout New Zealand.

Kōkōkaha includes classroom and sailing learning experiences. Classroom experiences include hands-on activities to help your students learn about the power of the wind. Sailing experiences include going sailing to feel the power of the wind and interacting with a set of resources to understand how sailing technologies work. Learners use the skills and knowledge they acquire to design a technology to harness the power of the wind.

Teachers are invited to register here to be a part of this programme.

Yachting New Zealand will then be in contact to discuss local sailing experience opportunities for your students and will share with you the full set of classroom experiences, including instructions for setting up the hands-on activities. 

Any questions about Kōkōkaha please email 

Zhik are official sponsors of the Kōkōkaha programme.