PM Scholarships

PM Scholarships 2017: YNZ Endorsement Guidelines

Prime Minister’s (PM) Scholarships assist athletes who seek to do well on the international stage in Olympic class competition and also gain a tertiary level education.

PM Scholarships are managed by Sport New Zealand however Yachting New Zealand will be required to endorse and then rank applicants. PM Scholarships are very limited and are ranked and awarded to those closest to Olympic success. Not all applicants are likely to receive a PM Scholarship.

This year, with the change-over in the Olympic cycle, ‘Yachting’ as a sport is going to have a slight change to the previous process. This year we will look to finalise the following on the 13th February 2017, post the NZL Sailing Regatta;

  1. Performance Tiers (NZL Sailing Team and Aon Fast Track)
  2. Carding
  3. Final confirmation of PM Scholarship endorsement and ranking


The reason for this later timing is;

  • It allows time for new teams to be formed and confirmed.
  • Takes into account that World Sailing may make changes to classes for the 2020 Olympics.
  • Returning Olympians have time to confirm plans
  • It also allows us to see new young teams perform over the summer and integrate this into any decision making

PM Scholarship instructions

You will need to apply for PM Scholarships at the same timing as outlined by HPSNZ (30 Nov 2016).

If you are applying for a PM Scholarship this year please carefully follow the instructions below;

  1. Read the HPSNZ Application Memo and follow the process outlined
  2. Read the PM Scholarship ‘Programme Guide’ thoroughly to understand the programme and eligibility.
  3. You need to make sure Yachting New Zealand has a copy of your plan in detail through to 2018 and an overview to 2020 using the planning template. Send the plan to Ian Neely. If you are struggling with your plan feel free to contact your coach or Ian Neely.
  4. Arrange a time with your Life Advisor (Karin Adelinger) to look into managing study plans etc.
  5. See the timeline summary below from HPSNZ
  6. Yachting New Zealand will endorse and rank applications based on the submitted plans and performances to date.

Download the Athlete Study Plan template here


Date Action
Oct 17 Email from HPSNZ to NSOs re process/timeline including memo and study plan
Oct 24 Email to all 2016 recipients re access to portal include study plan
Nov 30, 5pm Applications close
Dec 1-2 Clean up and query any pending applications
Dec 5-8 Initial endorsements and priority from YNZ
Feb 14-17 Final endorsements and priority from YNZ – based on updated carding information
Feb 15-17 Draft decisions
Dec 16-17 Confirm decisions
Dec 17 Communicate decisions