PM Scholarships

PM Scholarships 2018: YNZ Endorsement Guidelines

Prime Minister’s (PM) Scholarships assist athletes who seek to do well on the international stage in Olympic class competition and also gain a tertiary level education.

PM Scholarships are managed and allocated by Sport New Zealand. Yachting New Zealand (YNZ) will be required to endorse and rank applications. Ranking will be based on international performances, and the ability of the applicants to impact on YNZ’s and High Performance Sport New Zealand’s Olympic goals. PM Scholarships are limited, and not all applicants are likely to be awarded scholarships.

PM Scholarship instructions

You will need to submit your final application online for PM Scholarships at the same timing as outlined by HPSNZ (5pm, 30 Nov. 2017). However, you will need to send us your draft application by 20 November using the ‘Draft Application Template’.

If you are applying for a PM Scholarship this year please carefully follow the instructions below;

  1. Read the HPSNZ Application Memo and follow the process outlined
  2. Read the PM Scholarship ‘Programme Guide’ thoroughly to understand the programme and eligibility.
  3. You need to make sure Yachting New Zealand has a copy of your plan in detail through to 2019 and an overview to 2020 using the planning template. Send the plan to Yachting New Zealand HP Programme Manager. If you need to discuss your plan, contact your coach, the YNZ Talent Development Manager, or High Performance Director.
  4. Arrange a time with your Life Advisor (Vicki Hudson) to look into managing study plans etc.
  5. See the timeline summary below from HPSNZ
  6. Yachting New Zealand will endorse and rank applications based on the submitted plans and performances to date.

Download the Athlete Study Plan template here

For further information, visit the High Performance Sport New Zealand website at www.hpsnz.org.nz/investments-and-scholarships/scholarships/athlete-scholarships 


Date Action
Oct 2 Applications open on HPSNZ website
Nov 30, 5pm Applications close
Dec 1-6 Finalise, clean up and query any pending applications
Dec 7-8 HPSNZ to liaise re endorsements and priority with NSOs 
Dec 13-15 Draft decisions
Dec 18 GM and P & I Confirm decisions
Dec 19-20 HPSNZ to Communicate decisions