Olympic Sailing

The high performance programme is focused on winning medals at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

New Zealand has a long history of sailing excellence. Winning an Olympic medal is a life-changing experience and to win one you will need to be ruthless in its pursuit.

The current Yachting New Zealand high performance athlete development model is aligned with research on athlete performance and progression within Olympic yachting. This alignment enables Yachting New Zealand to provide more targeted support to both athletes and coaches in their quest for an Olympic medal based on their fit with the evidence-based progression model.

The model is based on the athlete’s ability to deliver a medal in 2020.

Athlete performance levels represent the minimum requirement for squad eligibility, however they do not guarantee selection.

Coaching, training, competition and support services are allocated based on an athlete’s level.

The length of time a sailor remains at each level will be continually reviewed. Sailors are expected to be continuously improving and re-qualify for a level on a yearly basis.

All campaigns will be assessed on an individual basis. This tiered structure aligns with the Olympic programme athlete development pathway and it will guide decision making. Yachting New Zealand reserves the right to make inclusion and exclusion decisions outside these guidelines.

Please see our High Performance and TD Support Structure for more information.

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For more information on the Olympic programme, please contact YNZ's High Performance Director

Sailing World Championships Test Event, Aarhus, Denmark 2017

Download the Yachting New Zealand Nomination Regulation here


Sailing World Championships, Aarhus, Denmark 2018

Download the Yachting New Zealand Nomination Regulation here