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Alert Level 1 Information

Alert Level 1

  • Prepare
  • The disease is contained in New Zealand

Risk Assessment 

  • COVID-19 is uncontrolled overseas
  • Isolated household transmission could be occurring in New Zealand 

Government measures

  • Border entry measures to minimise risk of importing COVID-19 cases

  • Intensive testing for COVID-19

  • Rapid contact tracing of any positive case

  • Self-isolation and quarantine required

  • Schools and workplaces open, and must operate safely

  • Physical distancing encouraged

  • No restrictions on gatherings

  • Stay home if you’re sick, report flu-like symptoms

  • Wash and dry hands, cough into elbow, don’t touch your face

  • No restrictions on domestic transport – avoid public transport or travel if sick  

Yachting New Zealand measures

  • These will be updated in due course

Yachting New Zealand recommendation to yacht clubs 

  • These will be updated in due course