Race Official Seminars and Training

Yachting New Zealand actively seeks to improve and maintain the quality of Judging, Umpiring and Race Management by promoting seminars and symposiums and by circulating information to keep active Race Officials educated and informed and improve their ability to serve the sport.  

Thoughout the year Yachting New Zealand facilitates a number of courses for race officials, proudly supported by Executive Travel.

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 2018 Executive Travel Race Official Seminars 


RACE OFFICERS CONFERENCE 2018- Saturday 1st September, Northcote Birkenhead Yacht Club, Auckland


JUDGES FORUM 2018- Sunday 2nd September, Auckland (venue to be confirmed)

We are currently in the process of determining the umpiring courses this year. This is based on demand, so register your interest now. And keep an eye out in Briefings for announcement of dates.   

Here are the different types of courses we offer:

Race Management Seminars

Duration: 2 days (over a weekend)

Cost: Free

Prerequisite to appointment/revalidation as a Club or National Race Officer

Race management seminars are targeted at anyone interested in learning or improving the knowledge and skills required to undertake any of the on the water duties to run round the buoys type yacht races. 

The course is suitable for beginners who want to know more, those with some experience on start boat or mark boat, those who have some experience as a race officer and wish to seek qualification as a Club Race Officer or National Race Officer and those very experienced wishing to revalidate.  It is expected that experienced members will assist sharing their knowledge during the seminars.For those who wish to take the test to gain Club/ National Race Officer status, there is an opportunity at the end of the seminar.

Seminars will include:  Flags, timing, course options, course setting, using GPS, line sighting, recording, course changes, decisions of the race committee before and during racing and finishes.

Course Outline

Racing Rules Seminar 

Duration: 1 day 

Cost: Free

These Seminars offer sailors, parents, coaches and beginners to judging an opportunity to become more familiar with the Racing Rules of Sailing, Judging processes and the roles of Judges. They will be facilitated by National and International Judges.

This is an opportunity to gain more in-depth knowledge about the rules (with a special emphasis on Part 2: When Boats Meet), understand any upcoming changes to the RRS (effective 1 Jan 2017) and to gain an insight at how judges interpret and apply the rules.

These seminars are a great opportunity to improve your sailing knowledge for your own sailing and racing benefit, or to learn more about the discipline of Judging and the role of Judges

Course Outline

National Judging Seminar 

Duration: 2 days (over a weekend)

Cost: Free

Prerequisite to appointment as a Club or National Judge

These seminars focus on the skills and practices of Judging and protest commitees and include interactive exercises and mock protest hearings. These seminars fulfil the requirements for those wishing to qualify as National or Club Judge. For those who wish to take the test to gain Club/ National Judge status, there is an opportunity at the end of the seminar.

Course Outline

National Judging Seminar Level 2 presumes a knowledge of the Racing Rules of Sailing and a knowledge of protest committee and judging procedures and practices. These are covered in Racing Rules Seminar (Level 1).

Teams Racing Umpire Seminar

Duration: 2 Days plus on the water assessment/evaluation

Cost: Free

Prerequisite to appointment as a Club and National Umpire-Teams Racing

These seminars are suitable for anybody with a basic understanding of the rules or teams racing. This seminar provides a great basis for umpiring at local events, as a step towards a Club Umpire qualification.

This Seminar is held in the lead up to the National Secondary Schools Teams Racing Regatta. An opportunity will be given to those who wish to sit the exam (you must advise us prior to seminar start date) to gain Club/National Umpire Teams Racing status. On the Water practical assessments/evaluations will occur during the regatta.

The first day is focused primarily on the Rules and Appendix D of the Racing Rules of Sailing. Day 2 is much more focused on the practical components of umpiring including boat placement and making calls.

Course outline

Match Racing Umpire Seminar

Duration: 2 Days 

Cost: Free

Prerequisite to appointment as a Club and National Umpire-Match Racing

These seminars are suitable for anybody with a basic understanding of the rules and/or the game of Match Racing. The Seminar provides a great platform for attendees to learn the basic skills required to be able to umpire at local events, and is a step towards a Club Umpire Qualification

These seminars are similar to the format for Teams Racing Seminar, however, they are based on Appendix C of the Racing Rules of Sailing.

Course Outline

You may also be interested in...

Club Safety Boat Operator

Coastguard Boating Education in conjunction with Yachting New Zealand has developed a special course for operators of club rescue and support craft, with the aim to increase safety and proficiency of safety boat operators, enabling better safety cover for sailors involved in yacht club activities.

This practical on-water training course is run by certified CBES/RYA Powerboat Instructors. Courses are ideally run at the yacht club – for its members as vessels, hazards and processes will be club-specific.

Courses are available nationwide through Coastguard Boating Education. For more information or to arrange a course for a group of your members, click here

Course outline

Advanced Sea Survival Training

A comprehensive theoretical and practical course required by crew competing in offshore (category 1) races. 

SR Appendix 6 of the YNZ Safety Regulations of Sailing requires at least 30% of the crew including the skipper to have undertaken advanced sea survival training within five years before the start of any race where Advanced Sea Survival is required. Some race committees will require more than 30% of the crew to be trained. 

Approved training courses include CBES Advanced Sea Survival and Yachting Australia Safety and Sea Survival. Both courses are approved by Yachting New Zealand, Yachting Australia and the ISAF.

Courses are available nationwide through Coastguard Boating Education. For a current list of training providers and scheduled courses click here.

Course Outline


If you have any enquiries regarding Race Official Seminars, contact Danika Mowlem at Yachting New Zealand or call (09) 361 4028