FAQ for Clubs

Why has Yachting New Zealand introduced a Member Card and app?

We are continually looking to provide more value to our members’ and the Member Card and Smartphone App help demonstrate this value. The MemberCard will allow clubs to demonstrate their affiliation to the national body (meeting liquor licensing requirements in your clubhouse – or to allow participation in national events) but also Yachting New Zealand are able to extend benefits from our network of sponsors and partners to individual club members.  Ultimately individual boaties will see savings, and clubs will be able to reduce their operating expenditure.

In the past, Yachting New Zealand has only been able to communicate with boaties via their clubs and we are looking at improving on this through new and direct lines of communication. The more connected we are to people in our sport, the greater our capacity to generate revenue to put back into our member services department.  

Can there be an ‘opt in’ for some of our club members?

No, unfortunately we cannot have an ‘opt in’ on a person by person basis. We are only working with clubs who supply their membership database.

We have our own club member card - can we still access the Member Benefits via the App Only?

Yes, clubs and their members are able to access the Member Benefits via the app only. We will still require all the club member details in the template provided in order to invite them to download the app with their unique login.

How much is it going to cost our club to receive the Member Card or for our members to access Member Benefits via the Yachting New Zealand App?

Nothing! We will be sending the Member Cards directly to your individual members in the post, and inviting them to download the Yachting New Zealand App for free.  Each individual will be emailed a unique login for the App.

If people join our club part way through the year, can they still get a card?

Yes, please send us your new member details in the same excel format as per the template provided by the 15th of any month, and we’ll send out a card and give access to the app from the 30th of that month.

What format should we supply our members' information in? 

Just an excel file. Click here to download the template.

What will be the card issue & expiry dates? Will this be aligned to our club’s membership year?

Cards will start to be issued from the 30th September 2015 onwards. As soon as you send us your club member details, we’ll get the cards printed and put into the post. The Expiry Dates on each card will be aligned to your club membership year, so different clubs may have different expiry dates on their cards. Similarly, an individual’s access to benefits via the Yachting New Zealand App will expire on the date of club membership expiry.

What if our club members don’t have a smart phone? Do they need to have the Yachting New Zealand App to access Member Benefits?

No, the same benefits are available via the card as are in the App.  For App users, there is the additional benefit of seeing new Member Benefits as they become available as well as extra offers.  

How will our club members receive the Member Card?

The best way to ensure your club members receive their cards in a timely manner is to post directly to them. This saves the double handling for your club and administration and postage costs. We will be including a brochure with the cards which outline the Member Benefits.

How does the Yachting New Zealand App work?

Anyone can download the App but only clubs who provide us with their member contact details will be provided with a login.  An invitation to download the Yachting New Zealand APP and a unique individual login will be emailed to the Members. There will also be additional information and updates regarding the Member Card sent via email.

Are the benefits available throughout New Zealand?

We are working to continually add new suppliers, and increase the value from existing ones. All of the Yachting New Zealand Member Benefits are available nationally. Where a supplier may be based in one city only, the offer is available by phone or online.  

We’re not sure we have the permission to pass on our members’ details to Yachting New Zealand- Will our members’ contact details be safe with Yachting New Zealand?

Yachting New Zealand will not (and cannot lawfully) pass on any of your member details to a 3rd party. This information will be retained by Yachting New Zealand only for the purposes of the Member Card and related communications (such as to download the app, with new benefits, our e-newsletters etc).

As per the Yachting New Zealand Constitution (see clause 6.4) – you may need to change your club membership forms in the future for sharing of membership information between the club and Yachting New Zealand. We have sought legal advice and have a standard disclaimer you can use for modifying your membership forms or adding to renewal invoices.  Please give us a call if you would like a copy.

Can our life members be included? 

Yes. The expectation is that all members of your club are included in this initiative. 

Will this conflict with our existing club sponsors?

Yachting New Zealand will not ask you to specifically promote any of the Member Benefit suppliers. Additionally, we have removed all of the partners’ logos from the back of the cards to reduce any potential conflict.

Will there be magnetic stripes on the card for us to also use this for discounts at our bar, or to enter our marina facilities? Will the cards be barcoded for use with our sign on/off scanner at regattas?

Not at this stage, but this is something that is being considered for the future.