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Embark - online learning

Embark is Yachting New Zealand’s online learning platform.

Embark provides greater access to opportunities for you to learn and develop your skills as a coach, race official or club volunteer. With Embark, you can now learn at a time and place that suits you, at a pace that meets your increasingly busy life.

Embark is designed to build the capability of club members, volunteers, sailors, coaches and race officials with ease.

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What online learning is currently available?

Currently there are courses available for aspiring coaches and race official volunteers.

  • Coaching 101 - This is an overview of what makes a good coach: what qualities are good to have, what needs to be worked on and understand the different roles you might play as coach. This course also covers good behaviours a coach should display and a module on safety.
  • Intro to Race Officiating - An introduction to the concepts and knowledge required to become a qualified race official (race officer, judge or umpire) or competent on-water volunteer: Modules are:
    • Race officials
    • Visual signals
    • Vital rules
    • Organising races
  • Club Race Officer course - This course follows on from the Intro to Race Officiating course. It delves into more depth on race management and what race officers need to know and do to run good quality racing. Completion is required to become qualified as a Club Race Officer.

    It is made up of 5 modules:

    • Setting courses
    • Starting races
    • During a race
    • Finishing/results
    • Running safe racing

Courses soon to be available

  • Judging - a set of modules covering the concepts and knowledge required to become qualified as a club judge
  • Umpiring - a set of modules covering the concepts and knowledge required to become qualified as a club umpire

More pathways and modules will be added as content is created, including courses for club administrators/committees on health and safety management.

Who can use Embark?


You will need to register with Yachting New Zealand to receive a username and password to access to Embark. Fill out your details below to be sent access information.

How much does it cost?

Intro to Race Officiating/Club Race Officer

  • Free - For members of an affiliated yacht club
  • $20 - For non-members

Coaching 101

  • $15  - for access to the online material (no certificate awarded)
  • Coaching 101 is a prerequisite for the Yachting New Zealand learn to sail (dinghy) coach course. If you are enrolled in this course, the cost of Coaching 101 is included in the course fee.

If you have any questions, please contact Yachting New Zealand.

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