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Club Manual

This manual is provided to Clubs affiliated to Yachting New Zealand to provide them with ideas, inspiration and guidance in their role as stakeholders in the sport of Sailing.

Yachting New Zealand’s strategic purpose is to help New Zealanders access, enjoy and succeed on the water for life. We recognise a major part of this is ensuring clubs are capable and strong. We hope this manual will be a valuable tool to clubs in helping achieve their goals.

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2012 Commodores Conference Handbook

After the very successful 2012 Commodores Conference, notes from all the seminars with supporting information was coallated and mailed to clubs. The information contained within this document has been produced as a result of conversations which took place in an open space environment, and therefore all comments, statements and recommendations are not intended to be statements representing a specific position by any member of the yachting community or Yachting New Zealand. 

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Many other resources are distributed around this site. For example: