Boat Registration

Registration with Yachting New Zealand is a once only for boat owners.  If ownership of a boat changes, the onus is upon the new owner to re-register the vessel in their name.

Why Register your boat with Yachting New Zealand?

Racing: In order to be eligible for racing, boats must hold a current Certificate of Registration ensuring compliance with RRS 76.1 as outlined on page 54 of the Yachting New Zealand Racing Rules and Safety Regulations.

Emergency: Registration is strongly encouraged for recreational and racing boats for safety and security reasons, enabling rapid tracing of a boat in the event of theft, mishap or more serious maritime emergencies.  An alarming number of registered boats do not have current owner details, leaving Yachting New Zealand and rescue authorities helpless in the event of an emergency. We request all boat owners keep Yachting New Zealand informed of any changes.

Sail Numbers and Registration Fees (GST inclusive)


  • Change of ownership / Change of boat name - $55.00 - If the boat is re-registered within a reasonable time, the sail number remains with the boat.  Yachting New Zealand reserves the right to re-allocate boat numbers when owners of previously registered boats cannot be traced after two years.
  • New boat or previously unregistered - $105.00 - Previously unregistered vessels will be issued with the next consecutive registration number.
  • Personalised number - $260.00 - Owners may choose a sail number that is ahead of the next consecutive number, provided that number has not been set aside as a collectors number.
  • Collectors numbers - $515.00 - Owners may choose a unique sail number. These numbers are either symmetrical or mirror image or in some way unique, eg. 6969, 8448. For details of available numbers please contact Jenny Egnot

The Yachting New Zealand Register of Vessels

The Register of Vessels held at Yachting New Zealand is a complete list of nationally registered boats.  The on line register contains information on ownership of all Yachting New Zealand registered keelboats, multihulls, trailer yachts and launches including:

  • Sail number
  • Boat name
  • Owner name

Privacy Act

The Yachting New Zealand Register of Vessels is a public record and is able to be enquired upon by any member of the general public.  Information released by Yachting New Zealand relates to sail number, boat name, and physical details of the boat. 

Personal contact details of registered owners are held on the Yachting New Zealand National Registration database and will only be released in accordance with the consent as outlined on the registration form.

Your personal details will be held by Yachting New Zealand for the general administration and well-being of the sport, and for it to retain use and disclose the information to an affiliated organisation and any other persons or organisations that Yachting New Zealand believes will further the interests and objectives of yachting in New Zealand.

Registered owners are welcome to access and correct information relating to their boat or to themselves at any time.