Non-Commercial Members

Maritime Membership is extended to non-commercial operators and organisations within the marine and maritime industries, and also to organisations that do not constitute clubs nor classes but none-the-less offer a yachting experience - such as a secondary school offering a sailing programme.

Click here to download the application form to become a member, or contact us for more information. Yachting New Zealand offers extensive return on investment for your annual affiliation subscription of NZ$117.39 - exclusive of GST.

Affiliation as a Non-Commercial Maritime Member provides...

  • The opportunity to teach and promote New Zealand’s only nationally recognised Learn to Sail programmes, and access to the Yachting New Zealand National Sailing Scheme for dinghies and keelboats, and accompanying teaching resources.
  • Endorsement and referral for your organisation – Yachting New Zealand receives numerous enquiries from your potential clientele. 
  • Promotion of your activity, news and events online www.yachtingnz.org.nz, in YNZ Social Media and other opportunities as they may arise in media
  • Support from Yachting New Zealand's staff  and committees including the network of Regional Support Officers 
  • A directory listing on the ‘Clubs, Classes, Members’ page of Yachting New Zealand’s website
  • Annually you will receive a copy of the Yachting New Zealand Annual Report and Financial Statements
  • Addition of your contact details to the Yachting New Zealand communications system for yachting related news
  • A certificate of affiliation to the National Sports Body (often required for trust funding)