Class Associations

Each class or type of yacht sailed in New Zealand is invited to affiliate to Yachting New Zealand.

The Affiliation Fee

For an annual subscription of NZ$117.39 exclusive of GST Yachting New Zealand offers extensive return on your investment.

Your membership contribution helps Yachting New Zealand deliver a comprehensive package of products and services specifically designed to promote the advancement and growth of yachting in New Zealand. If you would like to affiliate to or renew affiliation to Yachting New Zealand, we invite you to complete the Class Association Affiliation Form.

Affiliation as a Class Association provides...
  • A ‘subsite’ hosted free of charge on www.yachtingnz.org.nz
  • If  your Class Association qualifies as a National or International Class Association, you are entitled to hold ‘National Class Championships’, and name the winner the New Zealand Champion in your class
  • Your Class contact information promoted on www.yachtingnz.org.nz
  • Use of the Yachting New Zealand Racing Rules of Sailing and prescriptions, and access to the Yachting New Zealand administered appeals process
  • Each year, Yachting New Zealand will forward you a copy of the Yachting New Zealand Annual Report and Financial Statements
  • As a Yachting New Zealand affiliated Class, you are invited to utilise Yachting New Zealand’s Programmes, Products and Services – including National training schemes – such as the ‘Learn to…’ series, and coach training, Race Management - including National Race Officers, race management training, and event management packs
  • Yachting New Zealand’s staff are available to you for guidance and training